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Kid, Feral – Live And Let’s Die

Here comes the new blood of Swedish skramz

kid, feral
Artist: Kid, Feral

Title: Live And Let’s Die

Release: Vinyl

Year: 2018

Label: Dog Knights Productions.

2018 has just begun for the Swedish screamo scene. A few upcoming bands have come to take a new turn for the better, and that is with Kid, Feral to be exact. They just have put out their debut LP 12″ through Dog Knights Productions.

Kid, Feral is literally a more enraged counterpart of Suis La Lune. Speaking of which, SLL leans more on melodramatic atmosphere, while on Kid’s side it is more of a rather riveting, uncontrollable rage. Lo-fi fury ingrained in reverbed vocals amid walls of sound of dancey passionate punk rock, with the exception of chilly two interludes, who are just in the way of clearing away the tensions.

Kid, Feral has just got started with this LP and they deserve much of connections to those with broken dreams and broken hearts, especially those still cursed with skinny jeans and fringe hairs. So dance off your skinny jeans, swing away your fringe haircut and overall cry on the floor.

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