K’e-K’e-M / Hathor – Noise Pollution For Your Listening Pleasure EP

Motörhead-style mixture of punk and thrash metal from two obscure bands

kekem-hathor_coverArtist: K’e-K’e-M / Hathor
Title: Noise Pollution For Your Listening Pleasure
Release: EP
Year: 2007
Label: Subwix, Surfin Ki Records, Outcry Records, Crap Records, Hammer of Sardinia

Honestly, this record was staying on my shelf for years without being listened. Trying to judge a book by its cover I was expecting some rabid grindcore because of the title Sound Pollution For Your Listening Pleasure, although the dirtbike racer is not something you’ll see often on a hardcore punk record cover.

For my listening pleasure this 7-inch record turned out to be something different than expected when I finally decided to put it on my record player. Both bands take part with 3 songs. The one with the strange name K’e-K’e-M hails from Italy and make some interesting punk-rock with heavy metal riffs and guitar solos. Their third song is a cover of the song “(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!” by the Swedish hard-rock band The Hellacopters.

On the other side of the vinyl we have an actual band from Sweden, called Hathor. They bring some heavier stuff with more metal influences and respectively their last song is also a cover, this time it’s “Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)” by the almighty Venom. Both bands seem to be heavily influenced by Motörhead but have their own interpretation of their music, mixing punk and thrash metal in their own way, fore sure without being copycats. I dig what they are doing.

It’s an interesting record. The EP was released in 2007 and limited to 500 copies.

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