Ka’tzon La’tevach (כצאן לטבח) – Demo

Dark & negative crusty hardcore from Israel

katzon-latevach-demoArtist: KA’TZON LA’TEVACH (כצאן לטבח)

Title: Demo

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Ka’tzon La’tevach (Like lambs to the slaughter in Hebrew) is a brand new band based around the cities of Tel Aviv and Madrid. Their debut four-track demo was released with no forewarning in December 2019, followed by an Israeli tour around the end of the year.

Hearken back to the extremely angered hardcore of the late 1990s and early 2000s, they truly have no intention of making music that has any resemblance of being nice or positive. Four tracks of raging leads, dark crust melodies and pounding rhythms reminiscent of bands like Severed Head of State, Tragedy, and State of Fear.

The riffs absolutely hit the spot while the vocals are raw and desperate to the point of being almost grating, but that actually goes quite well with the intense political message of the band. I mean, the lyrics are all in Hebrew and deal with the never-ending political tension in the Middle East. Without giving any solutions to the problems in the region, the band spits out all the rage and negativity about the war, atrocities and Israeli history covered in blood.

This is a record that’s really hard to digest but also what a large portion of the hardcore punk music is all about.

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