Kasshuve – Dummedagen kommer

Like a wild boar ready to attack, Kasshuve's raw and aggressive approach to Swedish punk pulls no punches and never compromises.


Artist: Kasshuve

Title: Dummedagen kommer

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2023

Label: Kink Records, La Familia, Metadona Records

Hailing from the infamous city of Malmö, often dubbed the “crime city” of Sweden, Kasshuve have emerged as a formidable force in the current råpunk scene with their killer debut Grisablod EP (Adult Crash, 2020) and intense video for one of the songs. While I have no problem listening to ten more poorly produced demo tapes and EPs that capture the same amount of fuzz, noisiness, and raw distorted energy, the band has come a long way to hone their craft and release a full-length that is much bolder, meaner, and more unapologetic than its shorter predecessor.

Kasshuve’s råpunk is a wild, no-holds-barred affair, brimming with urgency and a raw approach that’s also super catchy and fun. With nods to legends like Mob-47, Nyx Negativ, and Moderat Likvidation, the band’s sound and overall attitude stick to the old-school punk formula without crossing over into crust or metal. Listening to the album for the second time though, and especially the intro to “Du e expert”, I can also sense some Crucificados pelo Sistema era Ratos de Porão and other Brazilian stuff. You could probably find many other non-Swedish influences, but the truth is that this album is just a perfect punk mash up in all the best ways.

As with their debut EP, the distinctive artwork was created by Kasshuve’s bassist and backing vocalist, Erik Persson, and features his now signature style of bespectacled punk resembling the villainous Bebop from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just as Bebop, the dim-witted yet fierce mutant warthog henchman of Shredder, wreaks havoc on the streets of New York City, Kasshuve’s music from Sweden’s Crime City similarly wreaks havoc on the conventional norms of society and provides a pure punk experience for those who don’t fit in.

The relentless, belligerent energy of the infamous punk-inspired villain is even referenced in the next-to-last track, “80% Svin”, which goes something like “80% boar, 100% fucking asshole”. Ranging in length from one to two minutes, each track on the album brims with unfiltered passion and unapologetic attitude that hits the listener like an unrelenting punch in the gut. Like a wild boar ready to attack, Kasshuve’s raw and aggressive approach to punk music with tongue-in-cheek lyrics in Swedish pulls no punches and never compromises.

I’m sure native Swedish listeners will find a lot more wordplay, puns and references to everything from Adolf Hitler’s pets to Covid on this album, but for everyone else it’s just a damn good hardcore punk album. In fact, one of the best in the raucous world of Swedish punk this year.

P.S. If I’m not mistaken, Kasshuve’s Erik (also formerly and currently in A​.​B​.​Kr​ä​k, Hårda Tider, Nonplus, and Despite) is the new singer of the brilliant band Larma. Can’t wait to hear more from them as well…

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