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Kamikazi – Bastard Sounds EP

Motörheadesque punk-rock from Thessaloniki

kamikazi bastard sounds

Artist: Kamikazi

Title: Bastard Sounds

Release: Cassette / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: Noise Effect

High-octane punk rock’n’roll hailing from Thessaloniki!

This is the perfect mixture of uplifting ’82 style punk and hard rocking tunes that will tease every real Greek old school rocker who has been riding all his fucking life on the dirty streets of their native country ruined by corrupted politicians, high unemployment and general desperation. The Kamikazi bastards manage to catch all this atmosphere in 5 songs with an average duration of two and a half minutes each. The tracks were mastered across the ocean by the famous Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at his Audiosiege Studio and that should be just enough to ensure you about the quality of these recordings.

If you’re eager about totally original and well-played Motörheadesque punk-rock then you would be gasping for more rocking sounds from those Greek bastards.

The 100 hand numbered cassette tapes of their debut EP were gone in just 2 days but the songs are still available on bandcamp. I’m quite impressed because we don’t hear such fine tuned old school punk bands so often, this is played from the heart and with a real punk-rock attitude. Ride to ruin!

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