Kafka – s/t

Another blackened hardcore explosion coming out from Greece

kafka – stArtist: Kafka

Title: Self-Titled

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Nothing to Harvest, We don’t fight it, Under the Gutter, Sweetohm Recordings, Undergound Union, Body Blows Records, WOOAAARGH, Imminent Destruction Records

I’ve just come across this release, kindly recommended by our friends at Nothing to Harvest Records. Kafka is “blackened hardcore” band from Patras, Greece and this is the first time I heard of them.

I can’t hide I’m fascinated by the range of diversity of the Greek scene, so I didn’t think twice before digging head first into this self-titled release. Nice and dark artwork by Chrispee Shift, very inviting and setting up a nice anticipation.

I see this album came out in 2018, and recently was released on vinyl by not one but nine amazing DIY labels/distros.

Kafka (having one of the sickest band names ever, even though there are countless of bands named after this writer) indeed play energetic breed of blackened hardcore that is really dark but fast at the same time. In short, another brutal post-crust explosion coming from Greece.

Besides great tunes, this album has a lot to offer in the lyrics department. It’s not so often that you can hear symbolically charged and meaningful lyrics with a message that matters. Go check them out and decide for yourself.

Well done, Kafka! I hope to catch some of your shows in the near future!

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