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Jodie Faster – Blame Yourself

Fast and catchy punk-rock goodness.

jodie-faster-blame-yourselfArtist: Jodie Faster

Title: Blame Yourself

Release: LP / Tape / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Acouphenes, Crapoulet, Dirty Guys Rock, Don’t Trust The Hype, Emergence, KLVR, Loner Cult, Rouge & Noir, Drinkin’ Beers in Bandana, Inhumano, TNS Records

Hence the generic silly name, this is not your typical run-of-the-mill fastcore band. Jodie Faster originated in Lille, France, and this debut LP contains 17 tracks of wholesome punk-rock goodness!

Yes, it’s fast, it’s raw, bitter and guttural sounding but it’s still all about hot damn 80s driven punk without the usual thrash metal, powerviolence or grind influences. A breath of fresh air in a somewhat stale punk-rock and oversaturated metal-sounding scenes, Jodie Faster have spawned a great catchy, upbeat record to pick you up on your feet and not let you go until the end. You can’t help but get hooked on every song without being ashamed of any sketchy lyrical content as they all find the perfect balance between making fun and being politically relevant at the same time.

I loved this band already since I’ve seen them live for the first time. Now this record feels like they know exactly how to produce a killer record while keeping the sound as organic and dynamic as possible production-wise. It’s a blessing to hear something so refreshingly catchy and powered by a sense of leftist political fury and humour in a time when live shows are so painfully missing in the world today. And when I say it’s not all fun but also politics, I mean both when it comes to Jodie Faster’s 100% DIY attitude (plus a whole bunch of underground af labels releasing it) and raging lyrics criticizing the state & capitalism.

French punk bands are usually among the best to crank out some real good stuff and this short treat is amid those occasional fast & melodic punk bangers you can listen to on repeat all day.

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