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Indoctrinate: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Play Political DIY Punk

An interview with Vienna DIY hardcore punk / crust band Indoctrinate.

We caught Vienna crusties Indoctrinate off-guard in the middle of their Balkan tour with Feedbacker & Razgruha. Fortunately, they were kind enough to share some insights on DIY music, tour life, stepping out of your comfort zone, and… Iggy Azalea.

Hey there! It‘s great that you agreed on this interview with DIY Conspiracy. Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how did you get together and what‘s the main driving force behind your band?

Hi! We’re Indoctrinate, a DIY hardcore punk band from Vienna. Two of us started this band years ago in our small hometown in Lower Austria. After a few lineup changes, we found a new drummer and relocated to Vienna. We wanna get rich and famous as soon as possible and make shitloads of money.

Right now we catch you in the middle of a tour which covers some Balkan countries. What do you like the most about DIY touring? What’s the best tour story you have until this moment?

I guess it’s the entire experience of touring and traveling together as friends and doing the thing that we do / love doing.

Best tour story? Hmm… A funny thing happened on this tour. We were stuck in traffic for a really long time and because we were bored, our drummer and bass player went skateboarding on the highway. A friend of ours came with us and he started to do some juggling.

There was a bus full of schoolkids right next to us and they were filming us and then wanted to try out skateboarding and juggling as well. So yeah, I guess we entertained them for about an hour or so, and they took some pictures with us and stuff. Not your run-of-the-mill tour story, right?


Tell us more about the scene in Vienna. What are the best DIY venues, zines, and bands that we should look at?

Well, the best DIY venues are EKH, Venster99, Pankahyttn, ArenaBeisl, Wagenplatz Treibstoff.

Some great bands are Enuff Talk, Discure, Demenzia Kolektiva, Prosperity Denied, Verderber and Rost. And here are some awesome bands from other cities: Rotten Cold, Six-Score, Distaste.

We’re not sure if there are any good DIY zines around anymore, or are there? Well, there’s Rapidité, which is the zine of the EKH squat, with articles about all kinds of (political) topics and some info about events and so on.

We often ask bands about their tours, but can you tell us something more intimate like the process of writing songs and lyrics? Do you create your stuff together or write riffs at home and then take them to rehearsal?

Well, a bit of both actually, because if we come up with good ideas during practice we keep them, of course. But usually, we write riffs at home and then work out the details/breaks/whatever together. The same thing with the lyrics, we write ‘em at home and then figure out who does which part of the song and how.


You declare yourself a political band. Why is this important for you and how things change when you step out of the safe place of being “just a [insert genre label here] band”?

Good question… First of all, we do it because all our lyrics deal with some kind of political (electoral, social, environmental, blablabla) issues. It’s kinda important for us because we live in a fucked-up world and we wanna contribute something meaningful in terms of ideas—well, more or less—instead of just parroting slogans or clichés talking about meaningless or trivial matters.

Yeah, I guess you somewhat leave the comfort zone if you declare yourselves as a political band. So far we haven’t had any real bad experiences or disadvantages because of that. Well, except for the fact that we don’t get invited by venues we don’t wanna play anyway.

What is your best gig and your worst gig until now? Why?

It’s really hard to pick only one best show. But we think we had our best show in Bratislava where people were incredibly nice and friendly, and really seemed to dig our stuff.

Other “best” shows were Skopje, Prague, and Münster. The atmosphere in these places was beyond awesome!

We played our worst show in Newcastle. First of all, our bass player couldn’t join us on tour because he had troubles getting a visa for the UK. Secondly, there were not too many people at the show and our kind of music wasn’t really appreciated by the audience. At least it seemed like that.

Also, it turned out after the show that the promoter hadn’t organized any sleeping places and we then had to embark on a really long drive back to our friends’ house. The only good thing was that at least a few people liked us and we had a nice chat with them.

Any musical guilty pleasures you’d be normally too ashamed to share in public, but will tell us anyway ‘cause we’ve asked nicely?

What about Blink 182? Is that embarrassing enough for ya? If not, we also like to listen to hip-hop—but mostly good stuff actually—but even things like old Iggy Azalea, Günther & the Sunshine Girls, old Eminem shit and LMFAO. Party rock in da house, muthafuckas!

Anything else you want to add?

I think that’s it from us. Thanks for the interview and all best of luck to DIY Conspiracy. Keep up the good work. Peace out!

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