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Indoctrinate – Failbringer EP

Failbringer is full of energy, gnarly and pissed-off, with political lyrics and in-your-face attitude. Exactly how I like my punk!

Indoctrinate – FailbringerArtist: Indoctrinate

Title: Failbringer

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

You may remember Vienna punks Indoctrinate, ’cause we did an interview with them while they were on tour with Razgruha & Feedbacker last summer. The guys are back in 2019 with a two-song banger called Failbringer. It literally came out yesterday, so go and listen to the EP on Bandcamp while it’s still fresh!

I was lucky enough to hear both tracks on this release played live on the aforementioned tour, and to my pleasant surprise, they sound even angrier and bigger. Indoctrinate’s style is a hefty mix of fast crusty punk with sudden crossover breakdowns, in the vein of some of the finest American hardcore. Both songs are full of energy and sound gnarly and pissed-off, with political lyrics and in-your-face attitude. This, plus you have Trump pictured knee-deep in shit, holding a machine gun on the cover! Exactly how I like my punk!

Failbringer is a self-released record and Indoctrinate promised us there will be (upcycled) tapes soon, so go and support the shit out of them on Bandcamp; or snatch one of their records from the merch table, if you’re fortunate enough to catch one of their crazy live shows.

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