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Incendiario Fanzine: A scream for liberation from Mexico

Incendiario is a political hardcore punk & straight edge zine from Mexico


When did punk become really punk and not just a fashion statement? What are you rebelling against? How can a punk scene truly be one if it is depoliticized? What’s the impact of the lyrics on you? These are some of the questions that Incendiario Fanzine tries to answer on their first four issues; with album reviews, punk history, interviews with bands such as Opció K-95, Decline, Manliftingbanner, or labels like Rebel Time Records, an overview of the punk scene of Monterrey, Mexico, as well as some talk about political movements, anti-racism and straight edge. There are different topics explored that are definitely worth reading, so let’s dive into their pages!

First, we’ve got a lot of great information from the interviews in this zine and great phrases like: “Your band is not gonna change the world, but it can change yourself” from the band Manliftingbanner (on issue #1), but we also get to know other faces of the punk subculture, like the redskin movement and anarcho-punk (on issue #3), who tried to keep the street punk lifestyle and politics together. It’s not just about beer, nice clothes and hanging out, people. As it is nicely implied, we don’t need more apathy, we need to react. Take notes, folks! You want counterculture to be alive and well? Things are not gonna get better by themselves. This fanzine is fearless when it comes to take a stance. Are you?

As for the scene in Mexico, on issue #2 we get to know that there’s a documentary called Días de Furia (Days of Rage) on the making, with interviews to a lot of bands, like Disolución Social and Cabezas Podridas and an overview of the scene since it started on the late 80s. You can check one of the previews here, and, obviously, get a lot of information on the zine. But, hey, it’s not just music. There’s also information about local political organizations in Mexico such as RASH and their activities. Not everything happens in the States or the UK.

There’s an urgent need to show that hardcore punk can be more than music (an article is literally called like that), a passion for it, ’cause every chord and every zine is not without a reason behind it. They don’t want the pose or the merch, they want the message to spread out, and they say it loud and clear. They rage about it in their editorials, as well as about the political situation in Mexico and in the States. Because, you know, Trump is affecting Mexicans a big time now, so, they can’t remain silent. They won’t. There’s no tolerance towards racism, be it in the punk scene or in the streets, and that’s something that needs to be expressed through the different ways in which punk appears. Hardcore punk have affected us in a great way and it can do the same to you.

It is important to know that there are information sources in Spanish, ’cause the world is not reduced to English speaking people. The people at Incendiario know the importance of being visible, that’s why they also talk about indigenous people and their demands. If internet can connect almost the whole world, let’s show the faces of everyone, not just the same old white faces we always see through the mainstream media. For all that, we are thankful for the existence of fanzines like Incendiario, trying to make space for themselves and for the forgotten ones.

Finally, all I can say is that this fanzine it’s a call out to everyone who reads it to be conscious about the information we share, about the issues we support, and to be angry when it is needed. To call out all the bullshit and to expand out connections with like-minded individuals. To start using the spaces where we share experiences consciously. Get to know what’s happening near you and be part of it. Don’t wait for people to do these things for you. Get immerse in the DIY experience. Start a band, make a fanzine (or a webzine), help with booking local shows, support organizations you believe in, be part of something, be creative and dare to have a voice. You’ll find a lot of fulfillment on it.

Incendiario #5 is on its way! Click here to download the first four issues on pdf files.

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