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Image of an Image: Ruined Families Premiere First Video of Their New Record

Athens post-hardcore band Ruined Families premiere 'Image of an Image', first in a two-part video series off their new record

There are bands I like, and there are bands I love. The former are a dime a trillion, with guitars and drums and vocals simultaneously making sounds which come together and for whatever reason just happen to satisfy my brain. The latter on the other hand are rare, vital, immediate and real. They don’t just satisfy my brain, they electrify and inspire it.

The quote above is taken from a personal status Trial’s singer Greg Bennick posted on his facebook timeline yesterday morning. And when it comes to bands I love, this is exactly how I feel about a truly amazing band from Athens, Greece, called Ruined Families. Their 2013’s LP Blank Language was a fine example of blackened post-hardcore sceamo excellence, a record that still electifies my soul and ruins my auditory receptors.

What’s even more exciting is that Blank Language’s successor will be in my hands in less than a month from now. Education LP will be out in November 2016 on Adagio830, and I’m sure it will be one of the best new records to come out in 2016. There is no streaming on bandcamp yet, but the band has revelaed the first of a two-part series of video clips and it already blew my mind.

“Image of an Image” was compiled by Thanos Mitsios and addresses the issue of archival breakdown in a time of ubiquitous media platforms.

In the contemporary era, cultural trends ceaselessly oscillate between nostalgia and newness and past, present and future visions are entangled into image-forms that seduce and inspire at the same time. Influenced by the strange and banal condition of constant data flow, Image of an Image attempts a détournement towards the visual politics of the digital age, Ruined Families further explain the concept of their new video.

The camera kills
The body shapes
The device succeeds
No face remains
It’s breaking speed
An empty frame
Only impressions made
Memory loss
Narcissist prose
Memory loss
Vanity calls
Memory loss
Mirror dissolves
Memory loss
In a black box
Transform the image
Transform yourself
The signs remain unable to let us know
It’s what you know it’s not what you see
Everything is a copy of a copy of me

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