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IKIRU – Self-Titled Demo

Czech emo that you will fall in love with in no time

ikiruczArtist: IKIRU

Title: Ikiru

Release: Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: DIY

IKIRU is a new band from the North of Czech Republic that I’ve encountered in the end of July at this year’s Fluff Fest.

Fluff is one of the best European hardcore punk festivals and one of the reasons why it stands out as such in my opinion is that besides the hundreds of touring bands from all over the world, I have always been surprised by some awesome local Czech emo/screamo band that you will never be able to see at any other big hardcore festival. Over the years I have seen for a first time at Fluff bands like Gattaca, Remek, Esazlesa, Avvika, Owls Are Not What They Seem and this year’s discovery was definitely IKIRU.

There’s those vibrant female vocals singing in the beautiful Czech language interlaced with the political message you care about that makes this band so intriguing. At the beginning of their set the band was handling out sheets of paper with the lyrics printed on them and I kept one of these with me back home. And now, almost two months later the band released their first recordings online through their bandcamp page.

I guess there’s a lot of you who are enjoying this kind of energetic and melodic emo sung in a language you probably don’t understand, but you know perfectly well that they are maintaining the level of protest and rage by being passionate about things that matter. From the twinkly intros to intense build ups, crying breakdowns, clapping parts and talky bits, everything you like is all there in these 5 songs and it’s totally genuine.

You don’t need to buy a limited vinyl version of this, just enjoy a couple of minutes listening to their songs and download/put some CZK, € or $ to their account if you would like to support a genuine DIY band.

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