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Ignore – New World Disorder

Obscure anarcho-punk demo tape "New World Disorder" (1993) by Ignore has been reissued on CD by members of the Bulgarian hardcore band Indignity

Artist: Ignore

Title: New World Disorder

Release: CD EP

Year: 2016

Label: United & Strong

Obscure early 90’s anarcho-punk from Varna, the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Ignore formed in 1993 by members of the legendary punk band Confront (Joro and Sasho) and the founding members of Indignity (Jivko and Hristo). So, as Indignity marked their 20th year band anniversary not long ago, Jivko decided to release the long forgotten Ignore demo on CD.

As the story goes, Ignore came together to pay homage to bands like Amebix and Antisect. The breathtaking vocals and extraordinary long lyrics (and also some of the best Bulgarian lyrics ever written) drove Hristo and Jivko on a lookout for a second vocalist. After a wasted night in Joro’s house they called a friend of Jivko named Vadim and get him for an additional singer.

Despite never playing live shows in their extremely short career, Ignore recorded 3 songs and put out a demo tape called New World Disorder (AON Tapes, 1993). The second track “Victims of Madness”, taking a stance against vivisection and animal abuse, is revered as the first animal rights song ever written by a Bulgarian hardcore punk band. As you can feel from listening to those 3 tracks, it’s a honorable history of punk in Bulgaria.

Ignore may have never been able to play live in front of a crowd, but their powerful message still lives through their basement recordings, and being carried through generations by all the other bands formed by Ignore’s original members.

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