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Iena – Condanna A Morte

Italian punk that sounds like it's 1982 again

iena-condanna-a-morteArtist: Iena

Title: Condanna A Morte

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

There are many misconceptions about hyenas. They aren’t just a bunch of wild dogs wrecking havoc and looting after the lion’s share, but it’s a fact that they live in some really tough, rigid and socially challenging environments. Not all hyenas laugh, but surely they know how to make some urgent, intense and weird noises when they find themselves in some sort of a social conflict. And when it comes the time, these more than carrion-eating villains of the animal kingdom will stick together in a pack to plan their deadly attack. If you get what I mean, naming your band after these misrepresented creatures is definitely a punk-rock thing to do.

And here we go with something along the lines! From the suburbs of Florence (Firenze Nord) comes the Italian punk trio called Iena (hyena in Italian). These guys are the modern day equivalent of Bologna’s working class Oi! legends Nabat and if you’re a real fucking punk or a streetwise non-fascho skinhead tired of listening to some overproduced modern crap, you shouldn’t waste time but click the play button on Iena’s bandcamp page.

Condanna A Morte is Iena’s debut release. There are no labels involved but just a pure DIY aesthetics. The production is raw, playing is tight and the whole record rips in every way possible. There are eight tracks of stripped down, anthemic and fucking sharp Italian punk that sounds like it’s being recorded back in 1982. I just can’t believe this has been written in 2018, it sounds so authentic to the ’82 spirit that it’s frigging awesome.

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