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V.A. – I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness

A compilation celebrating 5 years of UK's DIY punk label Prejudice Me Records

Artist: Various

Title: I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness

Release: Tape, Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Prejudice Me

“I Can Already Smell Your Unhappyness” is an awesome compilation featuring 16 DIY punk bands to celebrate five years of Prejudice Me label’s existence!

Prejudice Me is Fran & Zoe’s cute DIY label and distro that started out in 2011 simply as a way to raise money and awarness for a local group trying to turn a disused school in Leeds into a community hub. However, they continued releasing rad stuff and this compilation proves that it’s definitelly worth it.

There are several things that make this comp so amazing. First, it starts out with “Mirage”, the best song ever written by Eaglehaslanded… and we already wrote about it here. Second, the compilation comes out on a tape, and we love tapes. And last but not least, the tape comes with a zine… and we also love zines!

Besides Belgrade’s skramz afictionados Eaglehaslanded, there are also 15 other great bands on here. There are Budapest’s dark hardcore overlords Rivers Run Dry and Oaken, Brighton’s anarchist harbingers Burnt Cross, skacore furies Atterkopp, and anything from the blastbeat madness of Indoctrinate and Tout Suite to the anthemic melodic punk of Holiday. Special attention should be paid to Trophies, xKATExMOSHx, and Lawine who are featured with rare or unreleased tracks on here.

The comp is also available for free digital download but nothing beats the feeling of having both the tape and 40-page zine in your hands. The zine itself features interviews with most of the bands in the comp, and those who didn’t answer Fran and Zoe’s questions are featured with band related articles and tour reports. So even if you have never heard of some or more of the bands, Prejudice Me’s zine is a chance to learn everything you need to know about them. As I’m writing this I’m halfway through reading the zine. Veganism is also strong in this one, there are some vegan recipes from Veganslime and Bakabush I have to try at home. The package was also awesome and came in with cute stickers and a pin.

Unfortunatelly, the enevelope got lost on its way thanks to the Bulgarian Post Office services, so you can already smell my unhappyness. However, Fran and Zoe were kind enough to send me the stuff for a second time through a private courier services. Make yourself a favour and check out this cute little label & distro!

prejudice me records stickers

prejudice me records zine & tape

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