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Exclusive Stream: Absolut – A Farewell to Хвойная Вязь

Karelian post-hardcore trio shares their final record with the world.

Formed in 2015, Хвойная Вязь is a post-hardcore trio from Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Republic of Karelia. With all three members coming from different musical backgrounds, the sound of the band has been constantly changing and evolving.

“Coming from Kareliaa place with some of the most interesting DIY scenes in Russiaand growing there, surrounded by a lot of amazing musicians, was the reason to start searching for our own sound, to strive to be interesting and creative. Also our closeness to nature is very inspiring, so we wanted to put it into our sound and make it more natural and organic,” say the band members.

Four years after Поволокаtheir record that we’ve mentioned in our article about Russian post-hardcore and metal in 2019—the band has decided it’s time to call it a day.

Absolut is Хвойная Вязь‘s farewell album, and it’s is going to be released on all streaming platforms for everyone to enjoy. Today, the band has teamed up with DIY Conspiracy for the unveiling of this final offering. It’s streaming in its entirety below and you’ll be the first to hear it!

Two years in the making, Absolut was created with the huge help of a bunch of friends. Karelian “golden voice” Ernest Zuev makes a guest appearance on vocals on the fourth track “Совесть” (Conscience). The arrangements for the last two songs were made by the noise wizard VAARMACHINE, who used not only synths but also traditional Scandinavian musical instruments (talharpa and harp).

The perception of your every action, every judgment you make, as an absolute, that was the main idea behind our last album. Unconsciously, we were shut off from other people’s opinions. We didn’t want to hear nor see any nuances in it at all. After some time we realized that our songs were about how everything has influenced us. This album is full of people and their experiences.

In retrospect, we understand that this attempt to find the “absolute” sound was the main reason to lose ourselves, the reason to put an end to our journey.

Absolut was captured between August and December 2019 at D((O))M rehearsal studio and Mihail’s apartment in Saint-Petersburg. It was recorded and mixed by Mihail Kurochkin and mastered by Maxim Selugin (Bloomberg Studio, Petrozavodsk).

Please support the band on Bandcamp, especially on this day, when Bandcamp is waiving its revenue in support of artists! Хвойная Вязь are also going to upload all their previous releases for free streaming and digital download.

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