Hnida – Fires of Fury EP

Metallic hardcore founded by Belarusian expats in Poland.


Artist: Hnida

Title: Fires of Fury

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2022

Label: Издательство Сияние

Released digitally at the end of July 2022, Fires of Fury is the debut release from Kraków, Poland based band Hnida. Just a look at the cover is enough to understand where this band will take you, repping in art and music the characteristic style of ‘90s metalcore acts like All Out War, Morning Again, and Undying that is currently in demand again, especially in Europe.

“Огни Ярости / Fires of Fury” kicks off the record with a soundbite from a feminist chant about reproductive rights in Poland, before exploding into a bludgeoning metallic hardcore assault with a constant barrage of uncompromising riffs, punishing breakdowns and angst-ridden vocal delivery of the politicised lyrics. The remaining tracks of this five-track EP are also not for the faint hearted. They’re dark, rage-filled and, if anything, quite desperate. Songs are in that two-to-three-minute mark, but make plenty of time for creating a real dense atmosphere that conjures images of pain and anguish around us. 

What’s interesting here is that the dead fucking serious message of Hnida is actually sung in Russian, kindly translated to English on their Bandcamp page. Being curious to find out more about the band, turns out Hnida is comprised of Belarusian hardcore punk veterans coming from the city of Grodno (Hrodna), who have all moved to Poland due to the increasingly repressive political climate in their country and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Hnida’s singer xAlyonax is actually a native Russian who lived in Grodno for the last few years.

In “Ядерный Горизонт / Nuclear Horizon”, the culmination of the album, the listener is confronted with the most frightening end result. “The nuclear horizon will light up the road to nowhere”. It’s a scary thing to think about and I hope they’ll be proven wrong but it’s up to humanity as a whole to resist the authoritarian currents of the world and fight for a better outcome. 

All sales from Hnida’s Fires of Fury will be donated to help political prisoners in Belarus.

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