Hey Latasha – Self-Titled EP

Sad songs for the coldness, a deep lament for the modern days.


Artist: Hey Latasha

Title: Hey Latasha EP

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Bruo Records

Taking their name from the 1995 single by the band Seam, Hey Latasha have a similar energy and essence as their kindred spirits at the time. It’s sad yet uplifting music for your poor souls.

With members scattered in different parts of Valparaíso and Santiago in Chile, they bet on a style that refuses to die. The 1990s in Chile were culturally very different from the rest of the world. It’s no coincidence that so many bands and subculture kids from this part of the world are now actively trying to revive that spirit.

Hey Latasha’s EP opens with “Otoño”, a song that resembles bands like Christie Front Drive, Pohgoh, and has that lazy vibe. In general, the EP creates an apathetic atmosphere. This is evident in tracks like “Estación El Sol”, which is built around a slow chorus and melodic arpeggios. “Puerto de San Antonio” is similar in atmosphere, with its pieces falling away bit by bit until the end, disappearing.

“Siete Días”, the fifth track, stands out as a bit different from the rest of the EP. The lyrics are shouted, the beat is faster, the guitars are more melodic and a bit more daring. It’s more similar to early ’90’s emocore bands, but it works well in the context of this release. It’s not like they just threw it in for no apparent reason.

Aeroparque, Invierno, Abril and Eimy are some of the projects that have tried something similar in the past here in Chile, and these bands are all worth checking out to understand this release in a larger context.

The lyrics are deeply rooted in the emotions of everyday experiences, told through overdriven guitars, a dancing bass and hardcore punk style drums with wailing vocals over the top. A Latin American version of your classic emo bands. I know there are a lot of hardcore emo fans around the world, so go get a tape if you are into it. You don’t want to miss this.

You can get copies of this release by contacting Bruo Records directly ([email protected]) or Hardwave Distro ([email protected]). They also have a lot of other releases you might want to check out!

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