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Heckler – Will It Matter

Coming back from SE Asian tour, Basel's hardcore punks Heckler self-released their new tape

heckler-will-it-matterArtist: Heckler

Title: Will It Matter

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-released

Heckler is a hardcore punk band from the Swiss town of Basel. Honestly, I haven’t heard of these guys until a week ago when a friend of mine told me about their recent Southeast Asian circuit and the brilliant documentary that came along with that tour. Now you can watch the full video at the bottom of this review.

So I checked them out. “Will It Matter” is a DIY hardcore punk banger with no apologies! The eight tracks on here fly by really quickly, hovering around the one minute mark. Tightly played in the classic fashion, these songs can make a repeatable listen for anyone who likes their hardcore fast, dirty and rampaging. Lyrically, they take on the the police, corrupt system, apathy and the general fucked-upness of the world at large. Some lines may seem too generic for my oversaturated eyes and ears, but it goes quite well for the genre. I’m sure some people will never get tired of this kind of messages.

Even if not the most original band in the world, Heckler are obviously DIY-minded folks who love to tour even the most distant places. I’ve enjoyed the record and definitely will go to see them playing at our sweaty DIY space. Make sure to check Eleni Kougionis’ photography of punks in Indonesia and her kick-ass movie about Heckler’s tour in SE Asia!

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