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Heavy Weather / The Hope and the Failure – Split EP

Canada's Heavy Weather meet Sweden's sadness The Hope and the Failure in one of the best screamo split 7" records of the year

heavy weather the hope and failure coverArtists: Heavy Weather / The Hope and the Failure

Title: Split 7″

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: lifeisafunnything, Blind Eye Records

After the trip to Italy, I came back home to finally get some rest. When suddenly, a friend of mine sent me a clip of a post-rock/screamo band The Hope and the Failure from Sweden playing live at Miss the Stars in Germany, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs, like a raging #1 fangirl (or boy? lol). I was excited and angry at the same time because I was surprised that the band I loved so much has returned, and that I have thought MTS would only gather bands that I’m not too keen on.

And then came out this new split (released on lifeisafunnything records) with a group of Calgary Canuck’s Heavy Weather. I was so fucking stoked to hear it and it turned out to be brilliantly executed.

The split opens with Heavy Weather’s track “A Slow Rant About Distance”, where they slowly reveal themselves from an upbeat dreamy ambient/post-rock sequence to chaotic quasi-black metal heartbeats.

The Hope’s side, on the other hand, is a brilliant comeback after 11 years of disappearance (not to mention, a few of the members’ involvement with Heart On My Sleeve). The raw passion in Ina’s voice is alive and well. The music started what The Hope had kept in with their The Lights are On… EP and then crashed to a ‘doomed’ breakdown, which is kinda different and new to me to hear from The Hope and the Failure.

To execute the closure, this is, without the doubt, the best split of the year.

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