Hate Preachers – Bile of Progress (Demo 2019)

Blazing hardcore punk about the ugly side of life.

hate-preachers-bile-of-progressArtist: Hate Preachers

Title: Bile of Progress

Release: Tape

Year: 2019

Label: Suck Blood Records

HELL FUCKING YEAH! Following their first demo tape in 2018, Hate Preachers come back at full swing with four new tracks of raw aggression.

They bring it fast, bring it hard and don’t hold back on their vicious style. Their sound is skillfully unproduced to smash you in the face with every chord, every drum beat, and spiteful, cut-to-the-bone lyricism about living on the wrong side of life.

Apparently, these guys are closely connected to the East 7th Punx L.A. crew. Members come from other bands like Blazing Eye, Drapetomania, Sadicos, of which I was previously only familiar with Blazing Eye’s 7″. Compared to the Japanese-influenced sound of Blazing Eye, here we have much more hints to the early American hardcore and the everlasting UK82 era, I mean the Clay Records’ punk-rock classics besides Discharge. It’s stripped down, fast paced punk that keeps it real far better than most of the d-beat or 1980s style hardcore clones out there. I’m really impressed by such demo tapes, and if you wanna learn more about the animal rights, activist and political ideas of their members, just check out this interview with Austin of Blazing Eye/Hate Preachers.

If you like your punk filled with raw and primal rage against society, you can’t be disappointed by this ripping band coming straight outta L.A.


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