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15 Youtube Hardcore & Punk Channels Worth Subscribing To (Records in Full)

A list of record-uploading DIY punk and hardcore Youtube channels

Are you also looking for full rips of punk & hardcore records on Youtube?

Yes, this is for all those Youtube punx out there. Not for the live gigs, but for the record hunting folks.

Everyone knows that Youtube has become the new audiovisual version of both punk blogs and printed zines. For years, there’s no need to upload your tape, vinyl or CD rips on file-sharing services anymore (something punx have been doing online for ages.)

All you need to do now is create your own channel and update it regularly with either some old records from the heydays of hardcore punk, or simply rip-off (or, some may argue, support by exposing to a larger audience) new bands by putting out their latest releases in full at the biggest video content platform on the web.

Today, I’m going to give you a list of most of the channels that keep me excited at the office with old, new and obscure releases from the underground. It’s nice that some of these channels include links to bandcamp (and other places) where you can actually support the release rather than just listen for free.

Let’s dig in and find some great underground punk & hardcore records on Youtube!

1 Sweetbabyjaysus


This channel is the Holy Grail of real emo and meaningful hardcore punk on Youtube. From the early years of Dischord to the golden years of screamo and emo-violence in the 00s, these uploads could be your crash course in everything related to the underground emotive hardcore punk sound. All my favorite bands and truly amazing records are here. It’s just a must.

FFO: emo, screamo, emo-violence, powerviolence, 90s hardcore, 00s hardcore

2 Simon B.

Simon B.

If there’s a contender to unseat Sweetbabyjaysus as the king of Youtube Emo Punk, it has to be Simon B. This guy has a truly impressive record collection and here you can find original vinyl and cassette tape rips of his stuff. From the classics like Orchid, Saetia, Usurp Synapse, Neil Perry, etc. to some of the more obscure bands in the Emo Hall of Fame. This channel is just an amazing archive of the music we love.

FFO: emo, screamo, emo-violence, powerviolence, 90s hardcore, 00s hardcore

3 No Punks In K-Town

No Punks In K-Town

Now we talk new records! No Punks In K-Town have a great eye on what’s going on in today’s DIY hardcore punk scene, actually they upload a lot of the stuff that we have in our list of records waiting for reviews. There’s always amazing findings on this channel and I highly recommend it for anyone willing to expand their knowledge of today’s scene. Subscribe to the channel, follow them on Facebook and find out about some great new bands keeping the spirit of real underground punk and hardcore alive.

FFO: new bands, hardcore punk, raw punk, post-punk, european oi!, powerviolence

4 Grindwar channel

Grindwar channel

Another great channel to keep an eye on new releases in the realm of international hardcore punk and metal underground. This time we’re talking about really fast music, or the type of punk we sometimes like to call noise-not-music. They also have a Facebook page with links to new uploads.

FFO: grindcore, thrash, powerviolence, d-beat, crust, noise punk, fastcore, hardcore punk

5 Harakiri Diat

Harakiri Diat

Harakiri Diat is probably the most beloved punk channel on Youtube today. Here you’ll get a top-notch curation of far-fetching subgenres of hardcore punk music, including experimental, industrial and alt-rock elements. A great place to explore off-kilter underground music at its best.

FFO: punk, post-punk, anything out-of-the-box sounding punk stuff

6 No Deal

No Deal

No Deal is the definite place for some of the best raw hardcore punk demos and new releases from the most underground punk labels out there. Some of these records overlap with other channels on this list, but there are things that you can’t find in any other place on the Tube.

FFO: raw hardcore punk, new demos, rough recordings

7 Atomvinter


Another Youtube uploader for raw hardcore punk and crust, this time the channel is coming from Greece. The guy who curates Atomvinter is always on point with new releases, so you have to subscribe if you want to be up-to-date with the loudest, angriest and earsplitting records coming from many different places around the world. Unfortunately, the tracklists in the video descriptions are not timestamped, so you have to make some extra effort if you want to go to a certain song in a stream.

FFO: new bands, raw hardcore punk, crust, d-beat, powerviolence

8 Narcoleptic Fox

Narcoleptic Fox

Fox’s channel is a sweet treat for anyone who appreciates raw, ugly and incoherent hardcore punk noise. In Narcoleptic Fox you’ll find some classic grind, crust and powerviolence releases that everyone should be aware of, though the main focus is upon more obscure and overlooked bands. Here you can find some band that have played your town like 10 or 15 years ago, and you’ve just remembered how good their old record actually is. Of course, you can also find some gems you’ve never heard about before. If you like the noise on this channel, you can also browse through Fox’s collection on discogs.

FFO: crust, grindcore, fastcore, raw punk, d-beat, powerviolence

9 Gore Grinder

Gore Grinder

Don’t be fooled by the name. I’m definitely not a fan of gore grind and most of that kind of stuff. However, this is a great channel for anything grind, noise and earslaughtering massacre you need to check out. There’s a lot of crust, anarcho and old-school grind I like in this channel, besides all the gore stuff I’ll never click to listen to. Maybe you’ll get along with this guy.

FFO: noise not music, grindcore, gore, crust, ear damage

10 El Guapo TV

El Guapo TV

Believe it or not, I still can’t find any really good and consistent Youtube channel about Straight Edge bands. El Guapo from Argentina has some decent hardcore and SXE uploads though. The channel has been active ever since 2012 and still continues to stream new stuff to this day. Here you’ll find only the hardest in the underground, no modern sounding and overrated bands. XXX

FFO: hardcore, straight edge, heavy breakdowns

11 Felopunk


Here’s some discrust and scum raid noise for punx with the worst taste in music. This channel is dis-gusting and you shouldn’t subscribe unless you’re a real punk, okay?

FFO: raw noise, raw punk, scum punk, d-beat, crust

12 Vinod Karki

Vinod Karki

Youtube’s best kept secret for real powerviolence, noisecore and grinding punk. You know what to do.

FFO: grindcore, hardcore, powerviolence, noisecore



Well, here’s not one, but two great Youtube channels for disrockers and raw punk maniacs. They WERE both curated by the same person, I guess coming from Brazil—the home of one-man-armies like Besthöven. I’m especially fascinated by his Japanese hardcore punk crust channel, which, I think, is the biggest archive for streaming obscure Japanese punk records on the internet. Too bad both channels are dead, but they still have great stuff on them.

FFO: crust, d-beat, raw punk, japacore, burning spirits, scandinavian mangel, dis-band names

14 Anti


This is kind of a weirdo punk channel with bands that stray away from the chain punk type of punk music and go into more garage, surf, 8-bit and melodic direction. I’m really not aware of 99% of those bands, but the channel was a nice discovery when looking for some new music. I think it’s a real treasure and it deserves its own place in the article. Actually, Jimmy (Anti) puts so much effort into the channel. The descriptions to each of these videos are like their own, very well-written, blog posts with personal reviews and information about the bands. It’s really amazing.

FFO: egg punk, punk-rock, electro, garage, weirdo punk

15 xBrutalYouth666x


Brutal Youth Crew will ignite the moshpit in your living room with some heavy, fast or just brutal tunes. This is a gig booking collective in Marseille, France, but they also upload some sick hardcore music on Youtube. Check this out and follow them on Facebook.

FFO: hardcore, mosh, circle-pits, straight edge

Well, that’s it! Subscribe to DIY Conspiracy’s channel (mostly live videos from gigs), and I know you’ll give some more channel recommendations in the comments down below.

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