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50 Blogspot Sites for DIY Punk, Hardcore, and Metal

The blogroll might still not be dead...

Remember the time when we used to download punk records from all those horribly looking blogspot websites with attached links to file sharing services?

If the zines were the primary source of information in the 80s and 90s, the online blogs took the scene by the storm in the 2000s. Well, it was actually so annoying to download zip files, so I’d rather copy band and record names to find them on Soulseek (or Nicotine+ if you’re on Linux).

Fortunately, with the emergence of Bandcamp we don’t need that crap anymore. However, there were some decent blogs that have made a huge impact on punx finding real underground punk on the Internet.

I guess, Kill From The Heart wouldn’t be dead if it was hosted on Blogspot… Punk Is Hippies zine archive is also gone, along with some other amazing blogs. Around the time everyone went on Facebook and Youtube, most of these blogs have more or less vanished. Others have outgrown the blogspot free hosting and switched to self-hosted websites or eventually published their own zines/magazines.

I still remember most of these, so I created a comprehensive list (in not really particular order) of blogs that, in my opinion, have some value into them. Some of them are still going strong to this day, some are quite new actually, while others are no longer publishing new content.

If you find any broken links, please let me know!

1 7inch Crust

As the name suggests, here’s a great blog for crust and political hardcore punk music that was released on a 7″ vinyl. You know, the preferred format for truly underground bands that have no money or other resources to record a proper full-length. I think, almost any other blog in this list has a link to 7inch Crust. It’s usually the first one you’ll find on their site as they follow the alphabetical order. Also check out Crust Demos.

2 Terminal Sound Nuisance

Anarcho/crust/peace-punk blog where you’ll find a lot of stuff. It’s still up and running, one of the few that still remain. All the reviews and stories have a very personal touch to them. For someone coming to read about all those bands and their stories rather than just download some music, this is a great blog. The content goes beyond the superficial biographies you’ll find somewhere else on the internet, and I truly admire this.

3 doXsomething (ex-Scobonixxx)

One of my favorite blogs! It’s packed with interviews covering wide range of topics around hardcore punk music and political subjects. It’s up and running since 2013 and here you’ll find some great talks with the likes of Catharsis, Racetraitor, Incendiary, Cloud Rat, Bane, No Omega, Xerxes, Portrayal of Guilt, Annulment and many many more. The interviews are usually really personal, deep and political.

4 xStuck In The Pastx

Undoubtedly one of the most popular of all the blogs on this list. Focused on 90s hardcore, straight edge and modern day 90s influenced bands, Stuck In The Past has made an impact for the revival of the sound in the last few years.

5 Dead Air The Pulpit

Still alive and kicking, this is a blog that has a lot to offer. Great place to find new stuff from the hardcore and metal underground. Frequently updated with the newest releases across the whole extreme music spectrum, this one is a real gem and it’s no surprise it gets the most traffic.

6 Open Mind / Saturated Brain

One of my favorite blogs! David Norman is the founder of Zegema Beach Records and not only his label kicks ass, but he also runs the Open Minds / Saturated Brain blog for all nerdy hardcore and screamo kids out there who are eager to read about some inspiring bands and records. There are some really amazing interviews in addition to his top-notch reviews. This blog is a pure gold if you’re into skramz and real underground emo.

7 Le dictionnaire de l’emo

In love with this blog since day one. Guillaume’s write-ups are so honest that you’ll sense their dedication to this kind of music in a split second. It’s no surprise why I have contacted them to write about their favorite records in the end of last year. Checking out le dictionnaire’s facebook page is my morning routine for a while now and there’s always some great findings right there.

8 This Endless Breath

Another blog with so many great findings from the 00’s screamo, emo and post-hardcore scene. There is a lot of information about some lesser known bands and hard to find records. Another top blog for this kind of music.

9 Terminal Escape

Terminal Escape is just a next level of DIY hardcore punk nerdery! It’s a blog dedicated entirely to cassette tapes from the wide range of punk underground. Here you will find obscure records from across continents, it’s a bottomless pit of crunchy hardcore punk bliss for cassette nerds all around.

10 Clean Nice Quiet

Founded in 2012, Clean Nice Quiet is a triple threat: music blog, podcast, and a boutique label! The music you’ll find here range from hardcore punk to obscure rock’n’roll vinyls and weird stuff.

11 Red & Anarchist Black Metal

If there’s a radical antiauthoritarian and left-wing black metal, blackened crust or black-influenced band somewhere out there, it will be featured on this blog. There’s always some trvly amazing findings and I love this blog.

12 Antithesis

One of the popular blogs for rare, obscure and unreleased hardcore and punk, especially from the 90s era. You can spend a long time browsing through this huge blog.

13 Blogged and Quartered

Hardcore punk blog since 2009 with a lot of rare and hard to find stuff. Dig up and find some bands that you might enjoy. The reviews and information provided are really impressive.

14 Sophie’s Floorboard

Another awesome blog about real emo, screamo, post-hardcore and anything related. All reviews have a nice personal feeling to them, but at the same time you’ll learn a lot about the bands and their music. This blog is a gem.

15 Form und Leere

Very nice webzine with a lot of reviews and interesting interviews. The main focus is on new and current bands but there’s also some really inspirational stuff from the past. There are exclusive interviews with Jayson Green of Orchid and Billy Werner of Saetia. There’s a real passion in this blog.

16 Kalashnikov Collective HQ

One of the best blogs about rare, obscure and classic punk-rock, mainly from Ex-USSR and anything on the Eastern side of the Berlin Wall. It’s in Italian language, which makes it difficult for non-English speakers but it’s totally worth checking out. Also an official blog of the 90s anarcho-punk Kalashnikov Collective, who are still rocking out some inspiring tunes about love and revolution!

17 Mad Blasts of Chaos

Hardcore punk grind crust noise d-beat noise extravaganza for the converted. Both older and newer stuff from all around the world.

18 An Attitude Exhumed

It’s a great paper zine and also a blog on hardcore, punk and metal underground culture. Quality content covering mostly NYHC and the US hardcore punk scene. The author Jonathan Buske has played in bands like Terror, Santa Sangre, Maximum Penalty, Another Victim, and The Promise.

19 Negative Insight

This one is a DIY hardcore punk magazine, distro and blog for the classic era of hardcore punk. Brilliant interviews, reviews and rare archive material from the vast and obscure universe of the 1980s anarcho-punk, hardcore, d-beat, old-school metal, grindcore, and Oi! scenes.

Update February 2020: The site has moved out of blogspot’s free hosting and has some fresh new look!

20 Toxicbreed’s Funhouse

Toxicbreed’s Funhouse was a staple in the DIY hardcore punk blogosphere digest from 2008 to 2017. Unfortunatelly, it’s no longer active but you can find some awesome stuff browsing through the archive.

21 Fight Against The Plutocrats

From the Netherlands comes this long running blog about Japanese hardcore, powerviolence and fast hardcore punk. If you don’t like music but you have a knack on all this terrible noise, check this out!

22 Industrial Anti-Oppression

A blog dedicated to figthing racism, sexism and all kind of oppressive ideologies in the industrial and goth related music scene. There’s a lot of interesting and relevant content.

23 La mort d’un(e) moderniste

Hardcore punk blog that’s been updated quite regularly and full of great stuff that you would want to learn more about. Yes, the name comes from the Orchid song.

24 True Punk & Metal

This blog has been running for more than a decade. The person behind it is a true hardcore punk warrior. Nate Wilson has played in the legendary straight edge grindcore outfit Monster X, and other notable bands such as Devoid of Faith, Das Oath, or By The Throat. He also has released some great things through his Gloom Records. What I like the most about his blog are the personal stories that Nate has recollected from his younger days of touring and knowing people in the scene. You’ll find some great stuff from the 80s and 90s heydays of hardcore punk on here.

25 Punk.Cat

Huge archive of anything punk related, there’s a lot to find on there and updates pretty much regularly with new content. Recently, they also have started a new blog called Positive Punk.

26 Demo Tapes

Hardcore, punk, crust demo tapes. It’s kinda similar to 7inch crust but only for demo tapes.

27 D-Crust

D-beat and noise hell with a primary focus on South America. Very underground, much noise.

28 importedXsociety

Hungarian blog specializing in hardcore, crossover and thrash. It’s pretty active and you’ll find a lot of things here.

29 NOmainstream

Grindcore and noise blog from France. The bands on this blog will make your ears bleed the darkest blood!

30 Coregasm

RIP 2005 – 2016. Used to be one of the most popular hardcore punk download blogs.


Hardcore, fast-core and grind with a touch of straight edge self-righteousness. RIP 2016.

32 My Endless Minutes

A collective effort to present anything exciting in the field of modern emo and screamo. There are great records presented here, and if you’re looking for some band recommendations, check this out. Not very active lately but hopefully still not dead.

33 This is Kawaii not Hawaii

French hardcore punk blog by David of Kawaii Records. There are a lot of bands that probably you might never heard of.

34 Cut & Paste

Hardcore blog that’s true to the DIY ideals. Very short reviews but a lot of bands.

35 The One Thing That Still Holds True

Hardcore and rock’n’roll blog that’s still pretty active. Nicely written reviews that reveal a lot of the author’s own personality. Definitely a nice one.

36 One Path For Me

A blog about hardcore and emo records by Tom of You and I, The Assistant, In First Person, Capacities and countless of other bands. There’s not a single band he has played in that is not truly amazing, so it’s no surprise he has a great taste in hardcore music.

37 One X Path

An old 90s hardcore blog by Edwin, aka XemonerdX, who is also a contributor to xStuck In The Pastx. I remember this guy from old xCatalystx message board and started following his blog back in the day. He also does Reviews from the Bottom of the Barrel, not really a hardcore punk or music related blog, but it’s very interesting in its own sense. A blog about dark and noir movies from the 40’s and 50’s.


Great collection of interviews and writings from Gajo. He is a zinester and musician from Croatia who used to play in xVaseline Childrenx and publish International Old School Conspiracy zine among many other cool things.

39 Fugitive Equilibrium

Not active since 2014 but it used to be one of the blogs that I was following back in the day.

40 Cosmic Hearse

Most of the blogs in the list have their names taken from a song, a line in the lyrics or a record name of some band or the other. Cosmic Hearse comes from one of my favorite bands Rudimentary Peni. Blog about rare and hard to find punk records. It’s more or less dead since 2012 but there are some special things on there.

41 DIY Anarcho Crust Punx

The name is self-explanatory. It comes from Poland and it’s a huge download archive on fast, loud, and political punk music.

42 Fucked By Noise

Hardcore, grindcore, noise, powerviolence, post-punk, avant-garde, goth, industrial, power electronics, etc. reviews and downloads.

43 Suomi Punk

Dedicated to the old school hardcore punk in Finland, a priceless archive of bands and discographies.

44 No Beast So Fierce

Hardcore punk, d-beat, crust and noise blogger from NYC, although there are almost no US bands on the blog. Great selection of rare stuff and things that are considered classics in the their countries of origin.

45 Fifteen Counts of Arson

No longer active but interesting archive of crust, grind and punk records and reviews. Some cool findings on this blog.

46 ’80s Greek Post-Punk New-Wave

This blog is really awesome. An insight into the Greek post-punk and new-wave scene of the 80s, these bands are real gems.

47 Angry Emo Nerd

Awesome blog about screamo and emo-related bands. The main focus is on the personal collection of the blog’s author.

48 Missing a warm light

RIP 2011 – 2014! Emo/screamo blog from Switzerland with a lot of very personal and emotive reviews, band information and discographies.

49 Kängnäve

D-beat crust and hardcore punk blog from Bordeaux. Nice archive of obscure French bands and Japanese classics. I think the guy plays in the band Gasmask Terrör.

50 Very Worst of Noise Punk

OK, the name speaks for itself. What else do you want?

I’m sure I’m missing some of the best blogs out there. Which are your favorites ones? Let me know in the comments. If you have something else in mind, I might expand the list to feature even more.

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