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Hammerfist – Isolation

Disappointed to hear some 10 minutes long record that sounds like Agnostic Front and Pro-Pain, this record is plain boring

Hammerfist Isolation

Artist: Hammerfist

Title: Isolation
Release: CD
Year: 2012
Label: Ghost Town

A band called Hammerfist? The band’s name and the artwork of that CD told me to read the lyrics before playing the record. And yes, there’s no mistake… It looks like a totally metal record with songs like “Forest of the Dead” and even Nazi’s (and NSBM’s) favorite theme about “Ultima Thule” from the Scandinavian mythology.

Hopefully it seems that the band has nothing to do with white supremacist or authoritarian ideas, but what I was expecting after reading the lyrics was some solid metal release influenced at least by a band like At The Gates.

So I’m a bit disappointed to hear some 10 minutes long record that sounds like Agnostic Front and Pro-Pain. This CD is boring.

The songs are shorter than the 2-minutes mark and there’s some passion in what the guys are doing, but it’s boring to me. Yeah, the songs are well structured, there are nice thrashy riffs here and there and the intensity you will expect from a hardcore punk band. I don’t like it, but will definitely recommended it for fans of Pro-Pain, Crowbar, Merauder or Agnostic Front.

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