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Gudron / Soyuz Rats – Split EP

Gudron (Bosnia) and Soyuz Rats (UK) just released this cool combo record. Go check it out!

Gudron – Soyuz Rats – Split EPArtists: Gudron / Soyuz Rats

Title: Split EP

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self released

Gudron come from Sarajevo and Soyuz Rats come from the UK. They have new split EP that came out in early June and it’s fire.

This is my first time listening to Soyuz Rats, but I’m most certainly a follower now. They play broken and jangly repetitive noise rock, minus the usual pretentious shit.

Soyuz Rats
Soyuz Rats

Their side of the EP consists of two songs – Selling Candles and White Nights. I used to like Selling Candles better, but the second one grew up on me lately, cause it somehow reminds me of Sonic Youth without sounding like Sonic Youth.

I feel tempted to compare them to more cool bands for the sake of album review clichés, but I can’t really think of a band that sounds like them. That’s a compliment, btw.

I’ve been converted to Gudron for quite some time now. I remember finding out about them completely by chance, while on a web searching streak for “two piece bands that play noise rock” back in 2015. What’s even more important is they incorporate a rather unusual instrumentation in their music, such as the Bass VI.

Gudron Live

Designed (or ripped off) by Fender in the 60’s, the six-stringed short scale instrument is currently on the rise again, after being totally obsolete for a good part of the last 3 decades. Several guitar manufacturers (incl. Fender) have recently reissued their versions of the VI. This means more people own them now, but I don’t really think many can actually make them sound good, to be honest.

Gudron usually plays quite minimalist and absolutely authentic take on noise rock, but this time their track “Mongol” is pretty mind-blowing and well-layered. Spreading through more than 8 minutes, this track is probably the most sophisticated piece of theirs I have listened to.

This Split EP is great if you are into gently dissonant obscure guitar music. What’s most refreshing is these three tracks are so far away from any modern hype “genre” you get fed up with every day. You can get it as a pay-what-you-can download here.

I mean, really! Get this shit! Support the living hell outta these bands!

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