Zine Review: Grindcore For Life πŸ’€πŸ”ͺ

A short handcrafted zine for the true grindcore fanatics.

This is obviously a zine made out of the pure love for all type of things with a crossed out musical note as signifier. Its author is the total grindcore fanatic Andrzej Dumala, who also runs the longstanding label EveryDayHate from Boniewo, Poland.

The first issue of mini-zine Grindcore For Life was issued almost an year ago, but I’ve lost it among piles of zines and other things at home. It didn’t take long to read it completely when I eventually found it in the stack. Usually, I have a problem with handwritten zines—this one is handmade in a total DIY fasion—since it’s a bit hard to read. Andrzej, however, does a good job and it’s actually not as irritating as it seems on first glance.


Another prejudice I have about grindcore zines is that usually interviews are too short to actually care about anything and full of cringe-worthy humour among stockpiles of skulls, malignant corpses, vomit and gore. All these things are also more or less present here, but there are actually some pretty good jokes and interviews on this one.

The highlight of this issue is definitely the Makkmat interview. These folks seem to be a really nice bunch of individuals despite making such a devastating form of art. I’d say their level of satire is just top-notch hilarious.

Full of Hell is definitely the most well-known of the interviewed bands in the issue, if you’re not a die-hard underground grindcore purist who won’t bother with such bands.

For the latter, there are interviews with the almighty Agathocles and other ear-splitting projects like Disuse (I love that band!), Cryptate, Tantalum, Sneezing Pus, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Vomi Noir, and Malignant Altar.


The second issue of Grindcore For Life is already out there, featuring interviews with Suppression, Desecration, Total Fucking Destruction, Cloud Rat, Dead Neanderthals, Blurring, Chiens, Into Sickness, Simbiose, Nuclear Holocaust, and TRAVØLTA.

Andrzej is currently working on a third issue, so check them out on EDH Records and keep grinding your head in!

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