Greia – 5752

The gasmask goat is bringing you this brutal deathgrind release.


Artist: Greia

Title: 5752

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Self-Released

On their latest cassette release, Slovenian band Greia compress all the bile and hatred towards authority that they can muster into ten minutes of raging grindcore, punctuated by calculated outbursts of death metal brutality.

5752 features eight guttural songs and it’s easily the band’s most cut-throat work yet. It’s punishing, brutal and tightunleashing torrents of chainsawing riffs, gruffer-than-gruff vocals and machine-gun drumming to maximum effect. Greia aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but that was never their aim. Their sound is a direct lineage to Assück, Dropdead, Insect Warfare, etc, and they make an excellent use of these classic influences, delivering a bludgeoning, gut-driven and no-frills deathgrind. The lyrics are straight-forward to get the message across instantly as the band are vehemently anti state, anticapitalist and pro direct action against all oppression. Animal liberation is also an important part of Greia’s politics and the record’s title refers to 5752, the identification number given to a rescued goat called Elvis, who now lives safely in a farm sanctuary in Italy. Elvis is also depicted as the gasmask goat on the album’s cover.

Every good record in this style also needs its mandatory anti-cop anthem, and Greia doesn’t disappoint either with the whaling police-siren intro preluding to the red-raw grinding assault on the senses in the fifth track “Uniform”. The death metal influence is huge when it comes to riffs and breakdowns, but the hardcore punk attitude is still the driving force behind. It’s a nice record for sureperfectly short, vicious and uncompromising in its musical and lyrical delivery.

Only 66 copies of the tape were made, I hope they will make some more for their upcoming shows.


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