Great news about Die Young

As you already should know Die Young, who have returned after five years of silence, are releasing two new records. Their “Chosen Path” EP is released through our close friend Nikolay of Ugly&Proud Records (recently interviewed by Hardboiled) and the Die Young’s split EP with Brazil’s hardcore/metal beasts Confronto on Headfirst! (U$A) and Vegan Records (South America). Die Young will also play this year’s This is Hardcore fest in Philly with some legendary bands, the tickets are on sale from next Friday.

Here’s an update from Nikolay, and we’re stoked to review the record when it’s finally available on vinyl.

“Chosen Path” has been shipped to Ugly&Proud today, all pre-orders will be shipped as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation when your package has been sent. Thank you for your patience to everyone who has preordered this EP! To everyone else – you still have one or two more weeks to order the 12″ at the pre-order price and once it’s officially out I’ll update the webstore. This is especially true for German people as there is a new regulation since January and it now costs more to ship a record to Germany than to the USA… Get a bargain while you can!

Check out our interview with Die Young’s singer Daniel, if you haven’t read it already!!!

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