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godzida-2k18Artist: GODZIDA

Title: DEMO 2K18

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Templo Sagital

Fast, hard-hitting, aggressive and furious sounds are always present in the Chilean underground. There’s always a feedbacking noise seeking for a way out. People get together and bash their instruments until they think everything’s better or at least tolerable.

A good example for all of this is the Chilean band GODZIDA and their naughty sound. What does this trio have in store for us?

This demo tape is a fast ride. Sometimes, you don’t need more than 11 minutes to say everything. They know it well. They do it straight in your face, spitting anger and rage.

The sound of the guitar is fuzzy, strong and wide. With a lot of energy in the low frequencies and a sound that wraps the songs completely. The drums, direct and precise, help to make the tracks stay down to earth, with the voice getting lost between all the noise, suffocated, constantly trying to escape.

This is a demo, so, obviously, sound-wise it is not great at all. But if you want something raw and uncompromising, this is your release.  Abrasive and fearless, full of pure and naked noise.

It will be soon on tape in a split release alongside Jukai, a powerviolence band from Coquimbo.

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