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Gig report: Calf and Feedbacker in Sofia

Two of The Balkan's loudest and heaviest bands are touring Europe the next two weeks


The summer is finally fading into autumn but it still feels great to wander around the city at night with a pack of trusted friends, especially when your final destination is a beloved DIY spot like Fabrika Avtonomia. Тhis season their program is super busy and diverse, but tonight they are hosting the first show of the two week Calf & Feedbacker tour across Europe.


Slightly late to the party as always, we arrive at the place to find the show haven’t started yet. Thank you, Bakan mentality. A few words with our friends who are already there and the lights are off except for a blue neon lamp on the stage and a beamer with video projects and Calf are on. I remember seeing the band last year and I’m excited this friendship between them and our own Feedback has grown into a full-blown tour. As usual Calf are loud as hell, their music is a monumental sonic chaos but somehow the longer you are bombarded by their sound the more you comprehend the structure and order of their intense, multilayered sound. Calf have as much to do with post-metal and shoegaze as they have to do with noise. If you like your music powerful and menacing then they are your band.


In their several years of existence, Feedbacker have managed to cultivate their own audience in Sofia. If you look around among the punk and hardcore kids you’ll see people who you usually spot on stoner rock gigs, noise nights or even techno parties. Every single time we catch the duo live we leave the place wondering how is it possible that just two people, who are performing their music on just a bass guitar, a drum set and a mic can fit so much power, energy and soul-crushing emotion. This night is not an exception. Feedbacker sound massive, mean and beautiful in the same time. We talk with the others that their old tracks have already become classics and their upcoming material, a part of it now available on tape via Kontingent and Sweetohm Recordings, is definitely next level. It offers pure and sincere energy in the for of stripped down sludge and noise rock muisc but with even more focus on harsh atmosphere and static tension, almost in the vein of power electronics or black ambient. The set Feedbacker played was a constant emotional build up that left us paralyzed and barely able to speak.

Here’s a video proof of how it eventually climaxed.

Seriously, here’s the tour schedule. Catch Calf & Feedbacker somewhere in Europe. We swear it will be memorable.

feedbacker calf tour poster

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