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Golpe de Gracia / Blessure – Split EP

Excellent pairing between these two punk / Oi! bands from Madrid and Bilbao.

golpe-de-gracia-blessure-splitArtist: Golpe de Gracia / Blessure

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Discos Enfermos, Tough Ain’t Enough, DDT, Siete Picos

This is a pairing of two excellent boot boy & girl bands, and a pretty good pairing it is. They may differ in their style, and even sing in different languages, but both share the same spirit and attitude.

Hailing from Madrid, Golpe de Gracia is a band that I’ve already mentioned in this article from the Summer of 2019. Delivering two new songs, they continue to carry an aggressive intention, mixing the faster street punk style with the hooligan vibes of early Non Servium and Kaos Urbano. If you like militant Spanish left-wing Oi!, this band is the best thing you’ve heard in a while.

On the flip side, we have two debut tracks from a new band from Bilbao called Blessure. Their music is a total rip-off of the melodic, old-school French Oi! sound of the 1980s. Think of Camera Silens, Komintern Sect, Warrior Kids delivered with graceful female vocals similar to a newer French band like Litige. I don’t think that the other members of the band speak French, but their singer Zai does an impressive job in capturing the original essence of this legendary scene.

Blessure will appear very soon in a new compliation with bands from all over the Basque Country called “Chaos in Euskal Herria” (again, hints to the old-school French Oi! scene), so this will be a great chance to hear even more bands from probably one of the most interesting leftist skinhead scenes right now.

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