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Fuga – Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP

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a1685301799_10Artist: Fuga

Title: Sin Frontera Sin Nación

Release: Digital / Cassette

Year: 2020

Label: Junko Records

From Santa Ana, California, and released by the Chilean label Junko Records, comes the hardcore punk band Fuga, mixing  ravenous energy with an incommensurate rage raised by four people. Recorded in Paradise Records by Nate Brady and with art Luiso Ponce, this is the debut release for a very promising band.

From the title of the EP (No Border No Nation) to the lyrics of the six tracks contained within, their antiauthoritarian point of view is bold and clear. They stand against all sympathy to nationalism and chauvinism, and for solidarity & mutual aid among people. Flags and borders are the chains that hold us down and from which we must free ourselves to stand together for a free humanity. From Chile to wherever you are, we are all under the same boot trying to stomp on us, and there’s no single reason not to fight.

All their songs are sung in Spanish language (by Kenny Gomez, previously of Scumbag and Macabre) and are accompanied by bombarding drums, upbeat tempo, and a raw, in-your-face sound. This record is a call to take action as they describe the horrors of modern societies.

This is for all the people unfairly suffering while being strictly controlled. In solidarity with the migrants, prisoners, and all the victims of police brutality. To authority and fascism we just have one thing: we’ll spit to their faces.

Educate yourself and stay punk!

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