Fractura – S/T

A strong debut for this post-hardcore group

fractura-s/tArtist: Fractura

Title: Fractura

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

From the ashes of the band Hombre Bestia, Fractura was born in the capital city of Chile, Santiago. They were united by their love of noise-rock, post-hardcore, post-rock and the 90s indie movement, and are currently a trio comprised of Luis Valdebenito (drums), Daniel Paul (guitar) and Andres Mihovilovich (bass).

At the end of last year, amidst the commotion in the country, they surprised us with their debut LPeight instrumental songs that delve into loose beats and an overdriven energy, with an approach similar to the bands from the Dischord and Touch and Go school. Recorded in the second half of 2019 by Juan Jose Sanchez Elissalde (Gaetano Records). The cover was made by Valeria Kandalaf Rebolledo.

Repetition is key to the development of the songs presented on this self-titled album, with a heavy distorted bass that works like an engine that moves the whole structure forward. It tends to be very melodic and fluctuous when needed, keeping the atmosphere in the ground as it changes and transit between moods and emotions, building soundscapes as the distorted guitars entangle, ravel and break apart in dissonance.

Tracks like Abaco and Lota are a perfect example of this, with a motive that grows, changes, turns arround and then shatters, always moving on. The band certainly loves to establish a phrase and a feeling just to disturb it.

The longer tracks like “Del cerro” and “La venganza de las abejas” show us how great they are at assembling different musical structures into one, making them flow in a dynamic way. The guitars interchange between piercing melodies, stuttering lines and cutting riffs, while the drums add flavor to the oscillating and waving rhythms. This is not an album to be bored with, as their fluctuations makes it very lively and fascinating.

It’s just like an obscure post-hardcore album you would find in a unknown blog or at a lost part of YouTube, but made today and with its own strength. Go check it out!


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