Fluff: The Zine

Fluff the Zine in the making

Fluff Fest is one of the few big hardcore punk festivals providing space for DIY fanzines and it seems the ‘FANZINE Tent’ will be there once again this year. This time Amsterdam based Typewriter Society is doing a Fanzine Workshop at Fluff Fest and bringing back the Fluff Zine after 5 years. The idea of Fluff Zine is simple, anyone at the festival is able to contribute to the zine by creating a page (or more) with a handwritten or printed text, an interview (and there are so many great bands and interesting people to reach right there at the festival), scene report, drawing or anything else. On the last day of the festival the zine will be ready, photocopied and given away for free.

Fluff Zine ’09

The first Fluff Zine came out in 2009 and I still remember wandering around the festival area to reach out to people from some of my favorite bands and giving them sheets of paper where they can write their answers to the few questions we collectively came up with the folks at the Fluff Zine table. The bands I’ve interviewed at the festival are Rise And Fall, Trial, Analena, To Kill, Fall of Efrafa and Together. There’s also a printed version of the interview with Zann you can read here on DIY Conspiracy.

Fluff Zine 2009 also features an Estonian scene report by Serco, drawings, personal opinions and a funny interview with Giovanni from Italy conducted by Tomas aka the Fluff boss. Unfortunately the zine was printed in just around 50 copies and if you’ve got one, you’re definitely among the lucky ones.

Here you can find the digitally edited version of the zine that’s easier for reading than the original scan.

Fluff Zine ’10

The second issue of Fluff: The Zine was created right there in 2010 and it looks much better than the one above. Fluff Zine 2010 is almost all hand-written and filled with awesome illustrations (plus front and back cover by Michele from Raein/La Quiete/Serimal Illustrations). Eric Ayotte, Adorno, Comadre, At Daggers Drawn, Daggers, Ruined Families, Rearranged, Planks and Ramming Speed are among the interviewed bands and there are some nice hitchhiking stories, vegan food appreciation space and rants about gender and equality. Someone even drawn a caricature of me holding my xvx dolphin. Lol.

Fluff Fest ’15 is set to July 24th to July 26th as usual in Rokycany, Czech Republic. For more information visit FluffFest.net.

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