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Filthpact – Resurrected Under Condemnation

Review of Filthpact's final recordings (2011-2014)

filthpact final release

Artist: Filthpact

Title: Resurrected Under Condemnation

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: At War With False Noise, Filthy Rex

There’s this Bulgarian hardcore punk blog where most of the articles, whether it is about gig or record reviews, always start off wandering around the weather and the current mood of their author. Well, the last few days were a real bummer. If fucking Easter wasn’t enough, there was a week-long rain with the sun barely showing behind the rain clouds. It’s no surprise that this sobby mood ended up being a good opportunity to revive my love for crust and grindcore records.

Of course, I should have written a review of Doom’s “Corrupt Fucking System” but right now I’ll give you something even better!  Filthpact was a crust/grindcore band from Aberdeen, Scotland. The guys have been devastating squats and filthy basements around Europe between 2004 and 2007, after a three-years break they’ve reformed to spit anti-oppression lyrics and total crustcore violence again for the period 2010-2014. Unfortunately, they’re no longer together after playing their last show in February.

Filthpact’s final record called “Resurrected Under Condemnation” comprise of all their recordings from 2011 to 2014. Previously released on vinyl, the tracks from their split releases with Debacle, Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Sufferinfuck and Chulo and the cassette tape “Covered in Filth” EP have been remastered by Jason Rees to appear on “Resurrected Under Condemnation”. The compilation features 20 tracks of dirty Scottish crustcore with intelligent socio-political lyrics and a lot of passion. On top of that they even have a song (“Parading As Punk”) condemning tough guy attitude and violent dancing at hardcore punk shows! Filthpact has been one of my favorite crust bands already and their final record is really a great finish to their career. I don’t care if you like the new Doom LP or not, just listen to Filthpact!!! R.I.P.

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