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Expectations Streaming Their New Record!

Bulgarian hardcore band is streaming their new "After Twenty Years" LP and will hit the European roads in September with their mates of Eaglehaslanded

Bulgarian hardcore band Expectations is premiering their new record called “After Twenty Years”. The official release date has been set to August 29 when the band is playing at “Grindhouse Skateclub” in Sofia, and then they will hit the road with their fellow tourmates Eaglehaslanded from Belgrade, Serbia.

“After Twenty Years” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Next Dog Studio in Bucharest, Romania by Marius Costache; the artwork was done by the band’s close friend Dimitar Bochukov. It will be available on vinyl, CD and a limited edition tape during their European tour. Go and check them out not only because releasing anything on vinyl and touring is a big challenge itself for bands coming from the Balkans but above all, they produce some really nice music.



Tour dates:

30.08. Belgrade, Serbia
31.08. Budapest, Hungary
01.09. Trenčín, Slovakia
02.09. Otrokovice, Czech Republic
03.09. Graz, Austria
04.09. Augsburg, Germany
05.09. Würzburg, Germany
06.09. Lemberg, France
07.09. Lyon, France – day off
08.09. Tarbes, France
09.09. Toulon, France
10.09. Piacenza, Italy
11.09. Vincenza, Italy
12.09. Zagreb, Croatia
13.09. Novi Sad, Serbia
14.09. Kragujevac, Serbia

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