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Exclusive stream: Expectations “Bye-Bye Youth”

One of the Balkans' hardest working bands returns with a new LP.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria Expectations have been exploring their specific blend of melodic and emotional hardcore since 2010. The band has spent the past few years off the road and their new album comes after series of line up changes and four yeas after their previous LP.

This record is about accepting life as it is. It’s about losing important people. It’s about embracing pain and hardship. It’s about the way we all slowly grow up and change but still somehow remain the same. And most importantly, it’s about pushing forward and doing your best no matter what. It’s for all of us and all of you! Bye-bye youth…

“Bye-Bye Youth was done by three of the original band members and the addition to Ivan Iliev on drums (originally from Bulgaria’s finest 2000s hardcore act Melekh) and Teodor Tsvetkov on guitars, “Bye-Bye Youth” is not just a return but a huge leap towards an exciting new future for the sound of the band. The LP is out on vinyl via Straight From The Heart Records plus CD & digital from the band. For listeners from Western Europe, “Bye-Bye Youth” is available for pre-order via Berlin’s finest Coretex Records.

Below you can see the video for the first single Expectations launched, shot by Teodor Fichev under the direction of Philippe Morozov.

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