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Exciting News From Chicago’s SICK/TIRED

Chicago's powerviolence maniacs SICK/TIRED deliver a split EP with Lycantrophy and new material on A389 Recordings in the Fall of 2014

SICK/TIRED was founded in 2008 by ex-members of Chicago’s finest powerviolence offering Weekend Nachos and ’90s legends MK-Ultra. In their portfolio we will find several records on labels such as Profane Existence, To Live a Lie, Cowabunga Records and most recently joining A389 Recordings family, so we can be sure their most intense and bone-crushing material is still to be released.

The band is coming to Europe in October and a split 7″ with Czech grindcore beasts Lycantrophy will be available through  Uranium Overdose and FatAss Records just in time for the tour. SICK/TIRED’s part of  the split was recorded at Developing Nations by Kevin Bernsten in 90 minutes during Maryland Deathfest 2014.

But what’s more exciting is that their new “Dissolution” LP will be unleashed by A389’s horde later this year and will feature exclusive compositions from Merzbow and Lasse Marhaug and the original collage artwork by Dan Rossiter. It’s evidently that their new record will be more devastating than anything we’ve ever heard before, in my humble opinion this is going to be one of the sickest powerviolence/grindcore releases of the year.

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