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Esconder Micara – Equilibrio EP

Furious sounds from South America!

a3830126229_10Artist: Esconder Micara

Title: Equilibrio

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

If one thinks of the history of screamo and political punk in Chile, the name Esconder Micara will come up sooner or later.

Since the year of 2005, they’ve been making furious political punk centered arround a screamo sound that reminds me of the amazing French bands like Fingerprint, Jasemine, etc. but always with that natural Latin American approach attached to them, most notably on their lyrics. 13 years after their first release, La Carga del Ardor (2006), remaining a classic of Chilean screamo, they just put out a new EP, Equilibrio, which we’ll check out right now.

The record opens up with a simple and calm, but at the same time melancholic riff—with a really melodic vibe that slowly fades outs and then makes space for a distorted feedback. Esconder Micara begin the second song of the EP with a more hardcore oriented sound. The vocals are in a constant shift between talked and screamed parts, almolst like a loud sigh. It’s like the voice is in a perpetual struggle to find its way out of the body.

In general, the instrumentation is massively heavy. In a consistent beat and rythm, most of the melody comes out from their signature bass lines. Along with the passionate vocals, they shine across the songs in a perpetual dance between textures and sounds.

Samples, mostly in Spanish, are very important, as they accompany the political narrative of the band. They’re not afraid to talk about what they care about and what they think is important: Anarchism, anti-capitalism, a continual critique of the state, repressions and the many manifestations of oppressive ideologies in the contemporary society. These are topics we cannot just abandon, as they continue to affect our lives. We can’t voice these things enough. Maybe one scream isn’t enough, but what if we have thousands? Millions?

Bands and EPs like this one are an example of not just coping mechanism for our everyday routine, but an example of restless hearts and minds, a need to keep punching up and filling our lungs with fresh air. Shall we join them?

If you want, you  can contact the band here: [email protected]

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