Embitter – 1134

Warsaw's band keep things crushingly heavy, dark and ferocious with a H8000 vibe running through their veins.

embitter-1134Artist: Embitter

Title: 1134

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: The Coming Strife Records

Is there anyone who doesn’t pay attention to the Polish hardcore scene at this point? Because I’m totally amazed in what Warsaw’s Embitter have achieved in just three years since their both demo 7″ and Orwellian 2018 tape took the scene by the storm back then. It is the hard work and dedication that has shown off that metalcore is not just a rehashed thing of the past.

Embitter’s 1134 is full of groove and epic melodies, blackened guitar tremolos and tireless double-bass drumming all the way. When you combine this with singer’s monstrous deep growls and cool dungeon synth samples used sparingly within its tracks (you read that right!), you are treated to 28 great minutes of absolutely ferocious, dark and punishing metalcore that leaves no room for any doubt. It is hard to pinpoint the best tracks on the album, as it is certainly one with no filler.

While they are still doing covers of favorite bands like Arkangel and Morning Again, Embitter have heavily stepped even further beyond the boundaries of the genre they picked. If you like ’90 metal hardcore that doesn’t sound like million bands before, you’ll find out that this record just slaps from starts to finish. Damn, they even have these dungeon synths thrown into the mix!

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