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El Incendio Más Largo Del Mundo – Condenadxs

Energic hardcore trio from Colombia

el-incendio-mas-largo-del-mundo-coverArtist: El Incendio Más Largo Del Mundo

Title: Condenadxs

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self released

This is the first proper release by this band from Medellín, Colombia, with a name that can be translated to The World’s Longest Fire. They started as a band in 2014, with the goal of mixing different genres of punk music, and released a one song demo in 2015, which showed the melodic approach and modern sound they had. What does this 5 song EP tell us about the band and how they crafted their influences? Well, let’s check it out.

The first track starts with a light and soft synth that keeps going on when the guitars kick in with the bass and drums. Screamed vocals are in place, when a melodic guitar riff stars playing and then the chorus breaks in. What we have here is a sound reminiscent of melodic hardcore bands like Landscapes and Defeater, sometimes with a bit of an American hardcore edge, kinda like occasional Trapped Under Ice, but with some melodic metalcore elements, like the Chilean band Fragments. Though guy hardcore, you know.

The synths and backing tracks are a nice addition overall, they keep the EP fresh and not being too dull. But I think we get too much of the same ideas in terms of sounds and riffs. They do a nice recollection of the general ideas of the genres they try to emulate, but I don’t think we get much further from there. Is that good or bad? Well, that’s for you to decide. There’s a big chance that you’ll like this record if you’re into the aforementioned genres and influences.

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