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El Banda – Wściekłyszpaler EP

El Banda is a feminist punk-rock band from Warsaw, and their 2016 EP Wściekłyszpaler is dedicated to #czarnyprotest - the fight against proposed abortion ban

el-banda-wscieklyszpalerArtist: El Banda

Title: Wściekłyszpaler

Release: Digital

Year: 2016

Label: DIY

El Banda has been a favorite band of mine ever since I’ve heard them back in 2006. For those who are not familiar, El Banda comes from Warsaw and features long time Polish punk veterans: Antidotum, Trawnika,—and the best fucking band in whole world—Post Regiment!

Their first full-length Przejdzie Ci came out in 2006 to become one of the most anticipated records in the Polish punk-rock scene. In my humble opinion, the record was a perfect illustriation of what melodic punk should look and sound like—highly energetic, well-tuned, especially charismatic, and with a strong emphasis on the lyrics, overtly political/anarchist/feminist in nature.

Wściekłyszpaler was recorded in the end of August 2016, and appeared on El Banda’s bandcamp page in November. The music is still as amazing as ever before and El Banda’s singer Ania is once again delivering some great vocals in the beautiful Polish language. I really love all El Banda’s records.

Needless to say that the lyrics are still as relevant as they could be to the current political situation in Poland and beyond. The EP has been written in support and dedicated to #czarnyprotest, the national day of strike against a proposal for a near-total ban on abortion in Poland.

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