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Efa Supertramp – Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd

"Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd" (Freedom is the Dream) is the debut full-length from the Welsh singer-songwriter and activist Efa Supertramp.

efa-supertramp-reviewArtist: Efa Supertramp

Title: Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: Afiach

“Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd” (Freedom is the Dream) is the debut full-length from the Welsh singer-songwriter and activist Efa Supertramp. The record came out on CD in May 2015 but most of these 16 songs are just properly recorded versions of her old songs that you might have already heard through Efa’s soundcloud page or the hundreds of DIY recordable disks with their own unique collage and handcrafted covers and artwork.

Inspired at young age by the sound and message of bands like The Clash, Chumbawamba or the political attitude of Oi Polloi who have been singing in their native Gaelic language, Efa Supertramp started playing her own punk-rock songs both in English and Cymraeg (the native Welsh language). After touring in squats and autonomous centers around the UK, Western Europe and even going all the way from Sofia to Vienna in 2012 Efa became even more passionately involved in the DIY music and activist scene in Cardiff – putting on gigs in an anarchist and art space called The Wells Hotel, running a label and distro called Afiach, writing a fanzine, and being involved in street-art, Food Not Bombs, political organizing, etc.

There’s no doubt that her songs are genuine reflections of her life experiences and dreams of a better world based on mutual aid, solidarity and freedom. From the simple teenage angst lyrics of her oldest songs like “I Could Be Free”, “Do Anything For Money”, “Waiting For The Sun To Rise” and “Smash Your TV” to the more mature and political songs such as “They Call This a Fight”, “Jack Shit” (written about people in the detention centers and prisons) and “All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters”; or from the brighter and positive songs like “Forgetting The Time” and “Candlelight” to the songs in Cymraeg, which are my favorite on the record, Efa Supertramp’s record is diverse and totally worth a listen.

Diolch! Cariad, rhyddid ac anarchiaeth!

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