No Compromise: A Compilation in Defense of the Wild

Earth First! has released a hardcore punk compilation celebrating 34 years in print and direct action in defense of the wild.

Earth! First Benefit Compilation

Artist: Various Artists

Title: No Compromise: A Compilation in Defense of the Wild

Release: CD

Year: 2013

Label: All We Know Records

Founded in the ’80s in the southwestern United States, Earth First! a network of environmental activists committed to use direct action and a wide diversity of tactics in preserving wilderness and biological abundance—“No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth”, as their famous slogan says.

Celebrating 34 years in print and direct action, the Earth First! Journal is still a critical voice of the radical direct action environmental movement, and, as evident in the last two decades, becoming ever more inclusive to intersectionality politics and building bridges with all other movements for social change. It’s no surprise that many hardcore, punk and crust bands from all around the world have also been vocal Earth First! supporters since its early days.

And now, the EF! collective is proud to present this great compilation of 25 hardcore punk, crust and grindcore bands that share the no-compromise attitude towards defense of the living world, in order to draw these two powerful forms of communication together. All profits from the comp’s sales go to Earth First! Media projects, organizing expenses, and legal funds.

As far the music goes, this just some of the best compilations I’ve heard in a long time. Absolute killer bands that everyone reading this webzine should already be aware of are featured in this one with some brutal songs to inspire a radical change. Bands like Masakari, Autarkeia, Gattaca, ACXDC, Closet Burner, Torch Runner, Breag Naofa, Black Hole of Calcutta, Cloud Rat, Iskra, Sin Orden, Adelit@s, Beartrap, Appalachian Terror Unit, and, of course, legends and long-time EF! supporters like Oi Polloi and Agathocles. It’s great that there are bands outside of North America featured as well. The choice of bands featured is top-notch!

The compilation comes with an extensive booklet featuring exclusive interviews between band members, heads of punk labels like Will Butler from To Live a Lie Records, and a former Earth First! Journal co-editor and contributor, MJ. This album was released through All We Know Records, an independent DIY label out of Miami, Florida.

This is limited-edition press of only 1,000 copies are each hand-numbered, so it will go fast!

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