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Eaglehaslanded – Eternal Sleep of Never Ending Nightmare

It's like a chokehold of memories, emotions and feelings

Artist: Eaglehaslanded
Title: Eternal Sleep of Never Ending Nightmare
Release: CD / Digital
Year: 2013
Label: DIY

Eaglehaslanded appeared in 2012, in Belgrade, Serbia. Only few months after they started rehearsing and maybe after just one show they headed on their first two-weeks European tour (with their Bulgarian homies  Expectations). Stefan (bass, vocals), Nemanja (drums) and Djidji (guitar) backed this crazy and intense start of their band by a small, but insane DIY demo, which was only available for download.

Now about an year later the eagles are back with a new dose of their quite unique and specific amalgame of screamo, neocrust, emo and whatnot. Eternal Sleep of Never Ending Nightmare Rough is a primal and rough record. It’s like a chokehold of memories, emotions and feelings. In only 15 minutes these three guys just take you, eat you and swallow you in a noisy vortex of screams, brutally distorted bass-lines and raw, sometimes dissonant guitar outbursts. In only 15 minutes they do to your heart what the polished and hyper produced bands of our times would never be able to achieve in years.

Eaglehaslanded don’t make an ear-friendly music, they are a treat tough to swallow, but experienced and honest. They are laconic and non-pretentious, but so challenging. It makes you realize that if more people were open minded enough and willing to experience all that lurks in the DIY punk scene, we’d have the bar for contemporary music put way higher. Anyhow, just check them and your ears will tell you the rest.

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