DYYM – 2020

Second release from one of the best new DIY hardcore punk bands coming out of Poland.

dyym-self-titled-albumArtist: DYYM

Title: 2020

Release: Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

Now, this is interesting. I’m trying to keep up with new releases, yet, somehow, I overlooked this band that I’m absolutely thrilled about.

DYYM’s demo was more than a slap in the face, it was one of the most exciting hardcore punk/crust demos I have been dealt in a long time. Such an amazing mix of fast politicized hardcore tunes, melodic punk guitars, raging d-beats and to die for crusty metallic riffs.

To recap my review of 2019, this is one of those rare bands that doesn’t stick to single genre constraints. They have the perfect blend of raw aggression, catchiness and great politics.

This new record is no exception either but further confirms this characterization. Gosia’s vocals are spot on once again and really set DYYM apart from other bands whether it’s about crust, sludge or melodic punk genres. For those who don’t know, she was also the singer of my favorite ’00s Polish bands Mind Pollution and Next Victim, and I guess among my favorite vocalists to sing in that Slavic language in general.

In the course of its nine tracks, the album is stacked with catchy melodic hooks over a driving fast-paced hardcore punk beat. The biggest surprise you’ll find out about this record is, however, the absence of those strong crust, d-beat and metallic feels that were a significant part of their first demo. While the 2019’s record was heavily influenced by the sound of bands like Włochaty, Homomilitia, and Gosia’s old band Mind Pollution, here they’ve been clearly going down the more melodic direction of Apatia, El Banda, and Post Regiment. And I think this is great!

Lyrically, the band is still as direct and uncompromisingly political as it gets. The record starts and finishes with the same song “Marsz równości” / “Equality March” (the Polish equivalent of the LGBTQI Pride march), sung respectively first in Polish and then in English. The other songs on the record deal with the topics of zero waste living, “my body, my choice” body autonomy, and putting anarchism and ecology into practice for achieving a real “Utopia” (most epic and my favorite song of the record).

If you care about the new generation of DIY punk bands coming out of Poland, this is an absolute must hear. Hopefully, it will be released on vinyl some day.

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