Dune Messiah – The Iron Oak

Hailing from Denmark's Copenhagen, Dune Messiah offer a cold and twisted take on indie and dark folk music! Gom jabbar's not included.

dune messiahArtist: Dune Messiah

Title: The Iron Oak

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Third Coming Records, Instruments Of Discipline, Premium Abundance 

My first encounter with Copenhagen’s Dune Messiah was this April on a gig in Germany’s Bischofswerda. Prior to that I’ve only heard the name as friends from France have been sharing some of their music, but I honestly never properly gave them a chance online. Knowing we were about to share the same bill on the above mentioned gig I patiently waited and boy, they did throw quite a gig. Slightly regretting not picking up their LPs from the merch table I’m now slowly coming back to their music for a proper listen and spreading the word.

The Iron Oak is Dune Messiah’s first LP. It’s a moody and creeping mixture of dark folk, post-punk and main songwriter Magnus Westergaard’s own twisted take on indie music. On recording Westergaard himself is the element that somehow dominates the music. His signature voice and acoustic guitar work are the centerpiece of Dune Messiah’s sound. His approach is minimalist, yet heavyweight. On record Dune Messiah sound fragile, distant and cold. Just like they should. The lyrics are vast, complex and visual, perfectly fitting the music, which feels thick and emotional. Even if centered around the basic concept of a voice and a guitar, Dune Messiah couldn’t really do without the solid columns of a textural and noisier electric guitar and hypnotic bass and rhythmic section. Luckily you’re getting this as well. Knowing Dune Messiah for the emotional and top live show they threw in this rainy April evening in Bischofswerda I expected (and would have gone for) a wilder and louder production, but the current sound of the LP does the job well too as the music perfectly written.

Definitely following this bunch in the future!

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