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Drip of Lies & Rivers Run Dry Split 7″ out now


DIY punk is when friends from different parts of Europe get together to do a tour, split record or whatever. Drip of Lies (Poland) and Rivers Run Dry (Hungary) both play intense political hardcore promoting self-determination, social struggle and anarchist ideals.

In the spirit of DIY communication and cooperation 10 labels from different countries are involved in releasing this 7″ record: Prejudice Me, Itai Itai, Caramba, Up the Punx, Drink and Be Merry, Rope or Guillotine, Hasiok, THC+DIY, Music for Liberation, and Dzsukhell Rekords.

On the Drip of Lies part of the split we have their antifascist anthem “Heart and Mind” they have recorded just before their squat Przychodnia in Warsaw was attacked by Neo-Nazi militants at a time of social unrest and rise of anti-immigrant / right-wing extremism all around Europe.

This song is our voice of support for every kind of antifascist action. Doesn’t really matter if we’re street fighters or just quiet guys removing right wing stickers. Every single action against reviving nationalism makes sense.

For the first time we say (in our lyrics) directly about the problem. Reality is the reason. Let’s look around. Almost every day we can hear about acts of violence from neo-nazis and so called “patriots”. They are also trying to steal public space. We can see extreme right wingers fighting for workers rights, grabing football stadiums and more ridiculous actions. It’s just a trick to cover their real intention. An intention to eliminate every diversity. To make homogeneous society of obedient puppets.

Our future depends only from us. Resistance, activity and education is the way. In this case, eternal struggle between heart and mind is no longer valid. There is no dilemma – our hearts and minds are both antifascist!

On the Rivers Run Dry part there are two new songs recorded after they have changed line-up.

A world divided into dominating and dominated (groups of) people is unjust by its’ nature. We have to question the “divine” right of exploiters (be them kings, politicians, industrialists, bosses and etc) to make use of other people’s physical strength, time, creativity for their very own interest. Institutions, such as democratic governments, “national culture”, armed forces, police, organized religion or in some cases even science only help to maintain this distinction between those who only enjoy the fruits of human labour and the ones who produce, but cannot enjoy them.

DIY communities often realize policies based on the equity of all participating members. They organize protests and manifestations, community kitchens, they set up shows, libraries, fairs and markets, they run youth or cultural centers, they occupy buildings and use them for non-profit goals, some release records, publish books, some hold work-shops and share what they have learned etc. Each of the examples above contradict somehow to capitalist rationality, thus often has to fight the capitalist (for profit) equivalents. Do not let them disappear, fight for what is just! No gods, No leashes, No masters!

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