Down To Nothing / On Thin Ice – Split EP

Choke upon the amazing hardcore that's on this slab of vinyl

Artist: Down To Nothing / On Thin Ice
Title: Split EP
Release: 7″
Year: 2005
Label: Grave Mistake

This is a split I’ve been waiting to review for damn long time. Despite being only a 7” vinyl it’s still quite a polar release. From one side we’ve got Down To Nothing, a quite progressive and gaining more and more popularity American straight edge band.

Their music is fast and aggressive, definitely cannot be described as strictly positive hardcore but compared to On Thin Ice they are like Gorilla Biscuits standing next to Integrity. On Thin Ice are from UK and from the first second of their tracks you know you’re dealing with some rough and fast shit with WILD vocals.

A quick check for the status of the band—yeah, they are no longer playing, actually they existed only an year an a half but they succeeded in publishing two releases on 7″ vinyls and broke up right before releasing their demo. There’s a bunch of stories about their destructive shows and fans which is totally not a surprise. And by the way a word should be said about their lyrics, ‘The Ides Of March’ consists of one of the most sincere and impressive words we’ve ever read in a hardcore songs.

So tie the rope called Down To Nothing / On Thin Ice split on your neck and choke upon the amazing hardcore that is on that vinyl.

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