D.N.A. – Retrospective

A full collection of classic hardcore punk from the early 80s, featuring an original Anti Cimex member.

dna-hardcore-punk-coverArtist: D.N.A.

Title: Retrospective

Release: CD

Year: 2018

Label: Black Konflik Records

From the waysides of history, here comes the full D.N.A. discography.

D.N.A. was an early 1980s hardcore punk band from Skövde. They were among the pioneers of the classic Swedish sound at the time.

The singer, Nillen, was actually an original member of Anti Cimex. After 1982’s “Anarkist Attack” EP they all moved to Gothenburg, except Nillen who formed D.N.A.

As the name suggests, this CD is a collection of all recorded material from the 80s; a retrospective of an era that marked the birth of the raw punk and d-beat genre. The release contains 18 ultra raw and chaotic bangers taken from the rare early demos, “A Trip To The Land Of The Dead… And Back” LP , “The Halloween Tapes” EP , Really Fast Records’ Compilation tracks and live recordings.

All songs are sung in Swedish and the sound is similar to bands like Anti Cimex, Disarm and Shitlickers. No matter the format or pressing—unless you are a record collector scum—it’s good that these classics can see the light of day after so many years. Despite the rough edges and shit-fi quality, the anger in those releases is unconquerable. Real punk blast from the past.

Black Konflik is a DIY label from Malaysia that cares about raw punk, crust and d-beat. The D.N.A. CD comes in 500 copies, and recently the label released another Swedish classic—Disarm’s 1982-1987 discography on tape. Punk should be accessible to poor punx everywhere, so discography CDs and cassettes still make sense.


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